Balance the Scales

Why Lawsuit Reform?

Georgia’s legal system touches our citizens in a multitude of ways. It impacts consumers by increasing the cost of gasoline, groceries, a ladder, a cookie, the removal of a tree from your yard, the price of rent, and practically any product or service for which you pay.

In addition to having a direct impact to consumers, the civil justice environment has a substantial effect on Georgia’s small businesses. In order to successfully operate a small business, a fair, predictable and stable legal climate is required. Without clarity, small businesses cannot determine their needs – from hiring employees, to investing in the development of new products or improving services provided to consumers.

Georgia’s legal climate has reached the point of crisis.

Georgia’s national legal ranking has fallen from 24th to 41st in only seven years, and this year we were recognized as a “Judicial Hellhole” for the first time in history.

Through questionable advertising tactics, employing methods to game the system, and constant efforts to expand civil liability, billboard personal injury lawyers have created a system that places unnecessary burdens and expense on the backs of Georgia job creators. The mission of the billboard personal injury attorneys is to create a legal environment which is so tilted in their favor they are able to effortlessly slurp up runaway nuclear verdicts from unsuspecting defendants and procure settlements as a result of little or no harm and with little to no work.

As a result, costs for the average Georgian have skyrocketed:

  • The average Georgia family pays over $3,600 per year in liability costs.
  • We are the second worst state in the country for start-up insurance costs for small businesses with a tractor-trailer.
  • Logging truck companies have seen an increase of 300% in insurance rates in only two years.
  • Although Georgia has the 11th highest auto insurance rates in the country, Georgia is among the top three least profitable auto insurance states due to lawsuit abuse.

Expanded civil liability, a lack of clear dismissal standards in litigation, eagerness to certify class action lawsuits, and record breaking nuclear verdicts have eroded our civil justice system. Georgia has now become the preferred venue for personal injury lawyers interested in large recoveries, and has been recognized as the number two state for personal injury advertising.

If the Georgia legislature does not act now, it will be too late, and even more small businesses will be forced to close their doors because of unsustainable costs stemming from lawsuit abuse and frivolous claims.

Venue Reform

Venue Reform

Liability Reform

Liability Reform

Who We Are

This non-partisan small business coalition represents every industry and every legislative district in the state of Georgia. It has been created to raise awareness about the burdens of lawsuit abuse, eliminate frivolous claims, and promote legislative solutions to restore predictability in the law.

Effects of Lawsuit Abuse and Frivolous Litigation

  • Increases the price Georgians pay for goods and services
  • Consumes valuable tax dollars
  • Increases healthcare costs
  • Forces small businesses into bankruptcy
  • Threatens jobs and the economy